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About Us

We love club sports. We love all sports. We believe the owners of Gymnastics gyms, Soccer clubs, Baseball leagues, Double Dutch clubs, Volleyball clubs, All-Star cheer gyms and every other sport are building the future. We believe every man, woman, child, and adult, regardless of economic status, geographic location, or any other skill should be able to access the sport of their choice. They should be able to be a part of a club, that is well organized, can help them achieve their athletic goals, and make them feel a part of a team.

We believe the individuals who decide to start and run a club sport have a greater impact on society than  they realize. We believe that these organizations, whether they are for profit or non profit deserve to have a resource dedicated to helping them grow their club. A resource to help them understand the challenges they face and know how other sport club owners overcame similar challenges.  From raising funds, managing volunteers, growing their athlete base or dealing with performance enhancing drugs, Club Sport Owner and Operator is dedicated to being that resource.

Club Sport Owner and Operator is current.y an online online publication, but our near future plans are to publish a monthly printed edition, and mailed to all club sport owners in every single sport that we can find. We are also currently working on a complimentary online resource called This will be an online resource of every single club, league,  camp, event, facility, private coaches and trainers in every single sport played. From Archery to Wrestling, Sepak Takraw to Bocce, and Water Skiing to Air Sports, Play-A-Sport will be dedicated to helping potential athletes find the right sports club to join, camp to attend, or event to be a part of.

Our passion is sports. When we say we believe that Club Sport Owners are building the future, we truly believe it. We see how great Club Sport owners are shaping the character, work ethics, and morales of our youth. How they are teaching kids and adults the importance of a healthy lifestyle, giving them the physical exercise they need to remain healthy and teaching them how to respect rules, have sportsmanship, and to win and lose with grace.

Whatever we can do to help these sports entrepreneurs is our mission.

We look forward to growing our business along side yours.


Brian Keith