Do you represent a sports club that is looking for easy fundraising ideas? Good  fundraising ideas should be cost-effective and easy to implement, so you can easily take full advantage of the earnings for your sports club or sports league.

Fundraising for sports clubs is a very effective way to get cash for uniforms, equipment, to go on trips to compete and more. If an individual has great contacts, you can cold call folks and simply ask them for funds. However, if you are just like the majority of clubs, you are going to have to work for your cash.

Simple Fundraising Ideas for sports clubs:

One of the most popular fundraising ideas for sports clubs is the scratch card fundraiser.

The scratch card fundraiser can easily raise thousands of dollars for your sports club. It’s an easy fundraiser because you simply need to order 1 scratch card for each member of the sports club. Your members will then take the scratch card and ask their friends, family and neighbors to scratch and donate the uncovered amount. In return for the donation the donor receives a sheet of 10 valuable coupons worth over $100. When the scratch card is complete it raises $100 and the sports club keeps $80! To increase the profit for your sports club fundraising adminsitrators will give you an additional 10% in free scratch cards to bring your effective profit to 90%!

One of the most basic sports club fundraiser or parent focused fundraising ideas out there is actually the popular bake sale. This is a very old fashioned, conventional approach to raise money for your sports club. All you will need to do is ask the parents on the team to bake some thing and after that set up shop. Everyone can easily market your treats at a soccer field, gym, practice facility or close to the basketball court. If it is not your facility, make sure to ask for permission before you set up. And put a healthy twist on it by having a “Healthy Only” bake sale.

Selling Products is a great way to raise money for a sports club! Have you thought about starting your own “Pro Shop”. Parents like supporting the team. Sell all of them a T-Shirt, a cow bell, a hat, jacket, a towel, a hanky that has your clubs logo on it.

Try to find items that folks will in fact want to buy. For instance, in the event that you have a whole lot of enthusiastic kids in your sports club, get them to sell $1 chocolate bars. Clearly these types of chocolate bars are inexpensive. However in the event that you sell a lot, you can easily get a lot of funds. Furthermore, the customer will get their incentive right away. Additional items, such as magazine monthly subscriptions, take several weeks to come in.

There are many companies out there that have find raising programs you can easily set up. But you must be careful. read all the fine print, make sure your efforts reward your club and not line their pockets in profits. Its always better to create your own programs if you can.


Fundraising can be easy and get the whole club involved. How you administer these programs, how you raise money to build a facility, and how you add revenue generating programs to your club will be addressed monthly. What have you done to raise money for your clubs or athletes? Do you have any fundraising companies you recommend or warn against? Tell us.