Cheer Central Suns

SUNS LOGO FINAL (NEW)Sport – All-Star Cheer
Location(s) – Lafayette, Englewood, Fort Collins, CO and Albuquerque, NM
Owner – Wendy Ayers

Cheer Central Suns started in 2007 and is known for their highly successful and nationally recognized All-Star teams! They have close to 1,000 athletes who compete at multiple levels at 4 different gyms. Their original gym was in Broomfield, Colorado, then they expanded to Parker, CO (South Denver) in 2012. In 2016 the expanded to Albuquerque, NM, and then in 2017 Owner Wendy Ayers, opened their 4th location in Fort Collins, CO. In 2016 they also moved from their Broomfield location to a state of the art facility in Lafyatte, built and designed for the Suns.


The Suns compete locally & nationally and have a achieved national recognized success. According to Cheer Theory 2017 Gym Rankings, The Suns were the 13th most successful club out of the entire US in competition. And the 2017/2018 season looks more promising, with the Nfinity Champion League pre season rankings placing seven squads in the top ten in the Heartland region.

The Suns have demonstrated year after year that their program and coaches are the best in the region with a long-standing tradition of excellence at Cheer Central.

They continue to grow by having teams for every age and at every level, no experience is okay! They welcome all athletes. In the 2016/2017 season they had 38 cheer teams (teams at every age group and every level).

This allows for athletes to be placed in an environment where they can grow and thrive with other kids and coaches dedicated to helping them fulfill their personal potential. This philosophy has proven out to be successful, on a regional and national level.

They are the only Colorado gym to have multiple team(s) compete at the Level 5 World Championships for the past 7 years. They took 19 teams to the new All-level Summit Championship.  Cheer Central is the only program in Colorado to receive multiple Paid Bids to both the Summit & Worlds (The sports Super Bowl). Their teams consistently bring home High Point and Grand Champion titles in all levels.

Cheer Central is proud to field the strongest and most successful level 5 programs in the state, including a WORLDS team and a Restricted Level 5 all attending Worlds/Summit on PAID bids.

The Cheer Central Philosophy believes that their gym is a tool for influencing kids’ lives in a positive way. They offer an array of programs to suit each athlete, including a team for Special Needs Athletes that has achieved national and world level success.


Through their programming they use uplifting but structured coaching to instill values of strong work ethic, team work, sportsmanship, positive attitude, and athleticism. Each team practices 2-3 times per week for 2-3 hours per week. As a result, they receive raving reviews every year from parents about how their program has helped their child improve their grades, time management, self confidence and overall physical/mental and emotional health.

The pride the parents and athletes have in being a SUN is incredible. Wendy spends a great deal of time communicating to the parents, utilizes a website, and multiple social media platforms to keep the parents engaged. She establishes rules for athletes and parents and expects all gym members to follow them. She even coaches parents on how to act and represent the Suns at all Cheer competitions.

The Suns travel expansively around the US To compete and have a travel manager that makes it easy for all to parents and athletes to get there and compete. They organize their own “Awakening event” Which is a showcase event that previews all the squads at the National Western complex in Denver every year. The Suns showcase is almost equal in size to some local competitions. The Showcase also has a highly successful pro-shop sale with everything form apparel to blankets and luggage branded with the Suns logo for sale. The revenue opportunities and ability to offset expenses (pro-shop, camps, private lessons, special camps, uniform sales, travel, etc.) that Wendy has created for her club are simply fantastic business practices that allows her success to fulfill her mission.